The (Hot) Cast

Riley Cecil Taggart
Sander Randall
Caitlin Dullea
Captain Black
Maya Sharma
Clay Russell
Toucan Man
Nadia Pinder
Annie Donley
Pig Man
Marcia Belsky
Anne Bonny
Abby Salzberg
Mizz Bleach, Cat Lady
Ian Lockwood
Virgin Daiquiri
Zach Swan
Constable Bones
Mateo Ervin
Caroline Yost
Mary Read
Mandy Ranero
Divorced Woman #3
Julia Letzel
Chloe Troast
Jamie Linn Watson
Joey Dundale
The Devil
Matthew Liner
Hup Boy
David Steele
Hup Boy
David Bowers
Hup Boy

Jani Chakravarti
Nanny Pantaloon
Nathan Galovan
Big Ed, Halibut Guy
Justin Linville
Ser Cumberland
Sam Taggart
King Cash Monet
Clare O’Kane
Nick Naney

The Musicians (Also Pretty Hot!)

Tim Davis
Rhythm Piano

Nyssa Duchow
Jody Shelton
Lead Piano

Riley Cecil Taggart - Staggars

Riley is a Brooklyn-based writer, director, and actor. He’s written for Netflix Is A Joke social, Danny's House on Viceland, Most Expensivest with 2 Chainz on Viceland, and a slew of commercial work for brands like Stella Artois and Xfinity. In the Before Times you could see him performing in plays around Brooklyn and offering to bring chicken salad to your potluck.

Sander Randall - Jags

Brooklyn-based writer, producer, sound mixer and musician. Sander has worked with Riley on other fun projects like The Moon Crew (Annoyance NY, Brooklyn Comedy Collective) and short films (Hofta,  Check Please). Nothing pleases him more than a 1pm baseball game or a 1am bluegrass jam.

Nadia Pinder - Narrator

Nadia Pinder is a storyteller, comedian, and professional tie dye artist living in Brooklyn, NY. She teaches storytelling and has dabbled in many different sectors of the gig economy. Currently, she’s focusing her energies on nesting, reorganizing her kitchen cabinets, and taking her phone calls on a walk. She hope you share this podcast with your friends! / @nadiapinder

Annie Donley - Pig Man

Annie Donley is a Brooklyn-based comedian but you should know she was born and raised in TX. So YEAH that explains things lol. Featured in NY Times, Chris Gethard Presents at MNN, Comedy Central's Comedians to Watch, and more bitch. Annie has a 2 year old son who is shaping up to be quite the comedian himself so watch out for Joey Jr, too. Follow her on twitter: @annieassqueef

Marcia Belsky - Anne Bonny

Marcia Belsky is a New York City based stand-up comedian, writer, and musician. She co-wrote Handmaid’s Tale: The Musical with Melissa Stokoski in 2018, which played in New York City and Brooklyn, as well as in Washington D.C. at the John F. Kennedy Center’s Terrace Theater. Recently her musical comedy was featured on Comedy Central’s Taking The Stage, which included the hit song “100 Tampons” written about the first American woman in space, Sally Ride.

Abby Salzberg - Mizz Bleach, Cat Lady

Abby Salzberg is a Brooklyn-based actor, comedian, and writer. In the past year, she starred in, co-wrote and produced a short film entitled Check Please, acted with Larry David on Late Night with Seth Meyers, and co-wrote, co-starred, and co-produced two comedy web series, Stop It and Total Body Workout.

Ian Lockwood - Virgin Daiquiri

Ian Lockwood is a Brooklyn-based comedian and pop musician. He is the co-host of Hot Teens at the Brooklyn Comedy Collective and has had recurring appearances on the Earwolf podcast Earwolf Presents. Ian’s first studio EP, Nasty, dropped this year, and includes five tracks in the comedy-pop-music style that has become his signature in the Brooklyn alt scene. He is an alumni of NYU Tisch's Experimental Theatre Wing, Second City's Comedy Studies, UCB, and The Annoyance Theatre NY, and his shows have been covered in Time Out, Brokelyn, Brooklyn Paper, Bedford+Bowery, and more. Check out for more info - it’s a cute site!

Caroline Yost

Caroline Yost is a comedian and videomaker who lives in Brooklyn. She's a member of Ladies Who Ranch, featured in Vulture write-up "What If Improv We're Good?", and Simple Town whose videos have appeared on [Adult Swim] smalls and Off The Air and NoBudge. She created the Smaltown Arts universe with Jessy Morner-Ritt. She used to perform live with all these people before the pandemic. Now she mostly makes videos for the internet that anyone anywhere could watch at any time on instagram @caro.snakeand twitter @carosnake.

Julia Letzel - Margaret, Various

Julia Letzel is a performer, writer, and director based in San Francisco. She hopes that you enjoy this radio play as much as she enjoyed performing in it. Cheers and be kind to one another!

Chloe Troast - Tootie the Sassy Lil' Flea

Chloe spends most of her time these days crafting, however she did used to be a comedian in and around NYC. At the moment she co-hosts a weekly improv jam through the BCC, and has monthly digital shows. She is a part of LISA comedy and A Crazy Amazing Friendship. Along with comedy, Chloe performs Shakespeare, music, and dance. Check out some of her kooky little things on her insta @chloe_troast or on :) A big thanks to Sander and Riley for inviting her onto the project!

Jamie Linn Watson - Rudy

Jamie is an actor, writer, and comedian. She often performs with such groups as LISA, A Crazy Amazing Friendship, the Story Pirates, and the Brooklyn Comedy Collective.  Her upcoming series "The Basics" will be premiering super soon on IGTV and Vimeo. In addition to Staggars & Jags, she has used her little blonde voice on podcasts like Gay Future, the Story Pirates Podcast, and 14 Days with Felicity. You should definitely follow her on instagram (@jamie.linn.watson).

Matthew Liner - Hup Boy

Matthew Liner is a guy (pictured) in a room (pictured) in 2020 (date of picture). He writes and performs around Brooklyn, NYC. But more than anything, he hopes you’re doing well.

Justin Linville - Ser Cumberland

Justin Linville is an actor, comedian and podcaster from San Antonio, Texas. He's made appearances on What We Do in the Shadows and Crashing and will star  in the upcoming Fox sitcom, This Country. He is currently hosting a slice-of-life comedy podcast called Excellent Week with comedian Maya Sharma.

Nyssa Grant - Fiddle

Nyssa Grant wears many hats as a NY based artist.  A proud graduate of the Webster Conservatory for Theatre Arts, she’s also an accomplished musician having studied at the Oberlin Conservatory of Music.  After several years of performing and recording across the country, Nyssa’s also taken on the title of producer.  She’s a co-founder and executive producer of OutaLine Productions. Follow @outalineproductions and her folk band @lessthan3theduo

Jody Shelton - Lead Piano

Jody Shelton is a music producer, composer, director and musician based in New York City. He has produced music for such artists as Jen Kwok, Claire Rose, Daughter & Son and Jay Malsky. As composer and lyricist, Jody has contributed to The President Show (Comedy Central), The Break With Michelle Wolf (Netflix) and to the musicals 50 Shades! The Musical, The Story of a Story (The Untold Story) (Jeff Award Nominee) and Star Wars: The Farce Awakens, which he also directed. In 2017, he wrote orchestrations and vocal arrangements for the new musical The Village of Vale at Lincoln Center. Jody has served as musical director for many shows and theatre companies including The Second City, musical improv ensemble Baby Wants Candy, and hip hop improv group North Coast.